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Indigo Run Men's Club
IndigoRunMen is a social group for men that promotes activities and encourages camaraderie among all men from Indigo Run. It is a non-profit organization, with activities organized around events, field trips, and clubs.

Our Membership is open to all men who are residents of Indigo Run or property owners in Indigo Run. There is an initiation fee of $25.00 to join.  Click here to join or download the IRM Membership Form below.

The Board Members provide the leadership required to fulfill the mission of IndigoRunMen and to keep it running as a successful men's organization for Indigo Run.  Our current Board of Directors is listed below.

There are seven Board of Director positions. Beginning with each new fiscal year, two positions will be filled (except every third year beginning with 2012 three positions will be filled) by newly elected officers. These positions will be filled for a period of three years. Elected Board Members can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms or six years.

Club Descriptions                                                                               

Current Events Club
The Current Events Club discusses topical current issues from around the world and within the US that are of importance and interest to the Club. The Club selects topics and encourages member research to facilitate discussion. The Club's purpose is to learn more about the addressed topic(s) and share diverse opinions and perspectives.

Golf Club
The IRM Golf Club will organize golf tournaments at local and regional courses, other than Golden Bear and The Golf Club. It will also organize golf outings to area and regional PGA Tour events. These tournaments and outings may last one day or longer.

Investment Club
For those of us who are interested in joining an active investment club. All signed up members are equal partners, and guide future activities.

NCAA Sports Challenge
IndigoRunMen NCAA Sports Challenge: Let's see how good you are at picking winners of sporting events. Play an IndigoRunMen NCAA Sports Challenge and earn bragging rights as the week's IndigoRunMen's Top Game Picker!

Mens Club (IRMC)