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Hurricane Preparedness
Keep in mind:
  • Average elevation in Indigo Run is only 14 feet
  • Tallest house is 35 feet
  • Once the electric lines are down, the power is likely to be out for a long period of time.
Show consideration for your neighbors:

Check on your neighbors who are unable to evacuate on their own and have no family to assist; be certain they have plans in place.

Secure all loose objects outside your home so they will not become projectiles causing damage to your neighbor’s home.

Don’t put the Security Guards or other emergency service personnel at risk by staying during a mandatory evacuation. (At some point they, too, will be instructed to leave the island, and you will not have support for emergency needs.)

2022 South Carolina Hurricane Guide

Town of Hilton Head Website

Town of Hilton Head Social Media Pages
Facebook site
Twitter Site  
YouTube Site
Flickr (Photos)

Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue Emergency Management 

Outside News Sources and Links

National Hurricane Center (NHC)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
The Weather Channel - Hurricanes
National Weather Service Charleston

Local TV News Stations
WSAV Channel 3
WTOC Channel 11

Beaufort County Links/Information

Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office
Hurricane Hotline 1-833-254-6400

Other information and Sources:
Emergency Management Division 843-255-4000

Beaufort County Emergency Management Division
Beaufort County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page
Beaufort County GIS Flood Zones and Elevation mapping

State of South Carolina Links
South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD)
SCEMD Facebook Page
SCEMD Twitter Page
South Carolina Highway Patrol
South Carolina Governors Office

Additional Reference Websites: